Almost every wedding I push my camera up high in the air!

7 maart 2017
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That angle called “Birds Eye” … it creates a whole new view on things, more possibilities and more creativity.
A classic wedding shot with a boat on a lake becomes a whole new image.
I’v been doing this for almost 3 years and really love it so this has become my signature image.

Everyone asks me if i crawl up trees in the weekends or use a drone.
No!  I don’t use a drone. Should I?
I’m worried loosing precious shooting time wasted on tech.
Worried about the connection between me and the couple.
Worried about crazy people going nuts over privacy. 
Or is it not all that bad? Look at these 2016 best aerial shots with a drone. They are A M A Z I NG !!!!  
Should I take it to the next level?
Let me know in the comments! (bottom of the page)







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